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Thank you for using our services. You have been a valued customer. We hope during the period of this contract, we reached the highest standard possible and you were left satisfied with both your cleaner and our management.

Could you please kindly complete this questionnaire in order to proceed the termination of your account

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Please make sure you stop your standing order- we do not refund overpaid amounts for commission. Your final bill can be paid over the phone by credit or debit card

Are you moving home? We would like to remind you that we do cover all London areas and would be happy to arrange a cleaner for your new home.

If for some reasons we are unable to cover your area for a regular domestic cleaning we are in a position to organize a one off cleaning session or carpet, upholstery and hard floor cleaning.

If you decide to use our services in future, just quote your Ref No and you will get one month free commission.

If you need carpet cleaning, , one-off cleaning, mattress cleaning, window cleaning, curtain cleaning or any of our services, please quote your reference number and we will give you 10% discount.

Please note: The Client agrees that up to 18 months after the termination of this Agreement the client will not employ or engage any home-related services provided by a present or past Cleaner introduced to the Client by the Company and recognises that the Company will suffer loss if the Client is in breach of this provision. If the Client employs or engages such a Cleaner, the Client hereby agrees that a referral fee is payable by the Client to the Company, of such sum as reflects the Company’s loss. This sum is equal to 18 months commission as calculated and such payment shall be made within 15 days of receipt of an invoice.

Author: Tania Ivanova