When you have lemons at home, you may think they’re good for nothing but salads and the occasional lemonade, but they are so much more. Despite being a strong presence in most refrigerators in households around the world and being present in many favourite recipes, they are also surprisingly useful in house cleaning. You can use it as a natural and mild disinfectant that fits in the palm of your hand. If you want spring cleaning done, you can grab some lemons because they will get the job done.

Awesome Uses of Lemon in Your Cleaning Routines

Cleaning the MicrowaveCleaning The Microwave

This is one of the easiest ways to make your microwave look and smell fresh and spotless. You won’t have to scrub anything; just put a lemon sliced in half in a bowl of water, let the microwave run, and boil it for 5 minutes. This will cut through the grease inside and make it much easier to wipe away any caked-on food leftovers on the walls and door.

Cleaning Your Wooden Cutting Boards

The best way to clean those at the end of your cooking is to apply salt on half a lemon and scrub their surface. Let the salt mixed with lemon juice sit on the cutting boards for about five minutes, as it will eliminate any odours.

Remove Stains from Butcher Block Countertops

You can use a lemon to annihilate any smells from your countertops and the coffee rings left by your cups. You need salt, lemon, some warm water and a cloth. Use this to scrub away at the countertop gently, and by the end, you will have a fresh-scented surface free of any marks and stains.

Make an All-Purpose Kitchen Cleaner

You don’t need to throw away your lemon peels; you can save them and create a fresh-smelling kitchen cleaner instead. Use the peels and place them inside a jar of white vinegar. Put it in a dark place for two weeks and then strain the resulting liquid. You can use a mix of vinegar and lemon to spray surfaces and freshen up your kitchen and your home.

Scrubbing Stubborn Leftovers off DishesScrubbing Stubborn Leftovers Off Dishes

You should consider using lemons if you have some dried food you can’t get rid of, either on your dishes, your cheese grater, or whatever else has been suffering from such annoyances. Just grab a recently juiced lemon and a bit of salt and scrub away; the acid will break down the bonds and will allow you to make your dishes look brand new.

Cleaning and Deodorising Plastic Containers

You can use a lemon to rub inside a plastic container or rinse it with lemon juice. That will help remove any stubborn smells, but to remove the stains, you will need to combine that with a bit of salt again. Once that is over, your plastic containers will have a lease on life.

Polishing Spots on Cutlery

If you have had the misfortune of leaving your cutlery in water for too long or some spots are hard to eliminate, lemons have your back covered. Just use lemon juice and a sponge, and you’ll have them shining like new.

Polishing Copper

Once again, you can use your old friend- lemon juice and salt to do the job. Mix them and scrub away at the copper surface, restoring it to its original look.

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