What’s the worst thing about a dirty home? Unsightly grime in every corner of the house? Not being able to find anything that you’re looking for? Spending hours rummaging through all sorts in the hope it will turn up? Well, these are all absolutely infuriating consequences of not cleaning your house properly and failing to tidy up after yourself.

But there is another nasty side-effect of not cleaning your home that you should be aware of. And we’re telling you now before you read on, it’s not a pleasant thoughtOf course, we’re talking about pests, as the conditions in the house over winter might have created the perfect breeding ground for insects. But it’s in summer that they could become a real problem and you could have an infestation on your hands.

Clean Your House Off PestsAs a result, you need to act sooner rather than later, as prevention is always better than the cure – certainly in this case anyway! According to Dee Ward-Thompson, spokeswoman for the British Pest Control Association, nature “starts to wake up” in spring as the temperatures start to rise. Speaking to the York Press, she said householders should therefore take some simple preventative measures when they are doing their spring cleaning.

This, she stated, would mean they “save themselves a lot of trouble in the long run”, so is “definitely worth the effort”. “Cleaning the house from top to bottom is a good idea as it’s a chance to give attention to areas that would perhaps normally be forgotten,” Ms Ward-Thompson commented. So what preventative measures can you take?

Minimise clutter

Don’t make it easy for pests to gather by creating lots of messy, dark and untidy spaces around the home. By keeping things in order, you’ll give everything plenty of fresh air and bacteria and insects won’t be able to thrive in those conditions.

House Cleaning TipsVacuum your carpets

Hoovering up regularly prevents dust and harmful bugs gathering in a part of the home that is impossible for you to avoid.

Remove standing water around your house

If excess water collects under your house and can’t flow away, you’ll get more than a bad smell to worry about. Standing water under your property can attract anything from germs to vermin.

Bring in a professional cleaning service
If you really want to give your house a deep clean before the temperatures go up in earnest, why not hire a professional cleaning service? With their specialist knowledge and equipment, they will be ideally placed to do a really thorough job of removing dust and grime before it causes a much bigger problem.

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