If you ask people who keep their homes neat and clean, they will tell you clear regularly if you want to keep your home sparkling. On the other hand, if you allow the dirt and grime to accumulate, you will have to spend hours cleaning your home. However, you can still scrub your toilet and dust your shelves daily. So, the question is, how often should you clean your house from top to bottom? Let’s get into the details.

How Often Should You Clean Your House From Top to Bottom? Let’s Get Into the Details:


KitchenHow Often Should You Clean Your House From Top To Bottom

If you engage in cooking regularly, you should clean your kitchen daily. In other words, you should wash kitchen counters and dishes. In addition, you need to sweep and mop the spills as soon as they occur. 

Surface Areas

Clean surface areas like dining room tables, coffee tables, and breakfast nooks. The idea is to discourage bacterial and pest growth by sweeping crumbs and leftovers. 

Removing clutter can go a long way in this case. So, it would be best if you made it a habit to tidy tables, counters, and other surfaces that may create a pile of books, mail, and other personal stuff. 

Every Few Days

Bathroom Sink

Your bathroom sink is the area where a lot of action happens. This is where you wash your hands, brush your teeth and use hair care and makeup products. Therefore, you should wipe down your sink every few days. 

Use disinfecting wipes to clean up your sink quickly. Wiping down the handles, faucet, and sink may help eliminate germs and bacteria. 


Frequently Touched Areas

You should clean frequently touched areas weekly, such as game console controllers, TV remotes, door handles, and light switches. Then, all you need to do is wipe these areas quickly. 


You should clean your bathrooms every week since germs and bacteria may multiply quickly in these places. In addition, there is lots of moisture in bathrooms. Therefore, this place may harbour mould and mildew. If you want to prevent these issues, clean your sinks, toilets, and mirrors. Similarly, wiping showers, tubs and bath mats would be best. 

Every Few Weeks


Cleaning your fridge can help maintain freshness and prevent mould growth. You should check your fridge every few weeks and remove spoiled or expired food. Besides, wiping down drawers and shelves is also a good idea. 

FloorsMoping Floors

Apart from spot cleaning, clean your floors at least once every three weeks. This practice includes cleaning and moping floors focusing on the high traffic areas and entryways. 

If you want to remove pollen, dust, and pet dander, semi-monthly mopping is essential. Ignoring this aspect may result in the spread of unwanted elements across your house. And you don’t want to risk your or your family’s health. 


Apart from cleaning your bathroom weekly, pay more attention to your tub or shower. The idea is to deep clean your tub or shower area. In other words, wash the shower liners, tile, and grout. 

Bathrooms may collect moisture, mold, and bacteria over time. So, cleaning these parts of your bathroom every week is a stroke of genius. 

A Few Times a Year

Ideally, you should clean your windows, ceiling fans, and baseboards a few times a year. These areas collect dirt, pollen, pet hair, and dust. So, you need to do maintenance cleaning to keep these areas neat and clean. 

Pantries and Closets

It’s a good idea to remove expired food from your pantries, as spoiled or expired food is no use. You can follow this approach at the end of each season.


You should clean your oven every six months, pay attention to hood vents, and then wipe down the stove walls and over areas. There should be no grease in your oven. 



Curtains should be cleaned on an annual basis. It would help if you laundered during spring to eliminate dust and brighten your curtains. 

In short, if you want to make a house cleaning schedule, follow this article. So, how often should you clean your house from top to bottom? Our tips can help make the whole process more straightforward.

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