Everyone hates to deal with cleaning but needs a nice and clean home. There are ways to get the home cleaning done fast.

Ways to get the cleaning done fast

This article will cover the basics everyone needs to achieve a sparkling clean home:

Cleaning the Whole House at the Same Time

Cleaning can be far more efficient if you focus on a single task, such as mopping, vacuuming or dusting. Go through the whole home room by room, instead of focusing on a single one and going through all the steps. That allows you to feel like you’re progressing more rapidly through every task.

Cleaning Tools

Keep Your Cleaning Tools Together

Whether you have a bucket, tote or caddy, having all your supplies in one place is a great way to get things organized. You won’t have to waste your time running around for the tools you need for the job, and you can just have them on hand at all times.

Cleaning the Clutter

Before you focus on cleaning, you should go room by room and get rid of any clutter that gets in the way. Picking up items, you should also sort them and decide what to do. Some can be tossed away, some can be donated or even recycled.

Vacuuming and Dusting

Before you start that step, turn off your ceiling fans if you have any. Concentrate on dusting the tops of your furniture or the underside of picture frames, handrails, shelves and more. For the hard to reach parts of your rooms, such as upper shelves, blinds and more, work with a microfibre cloth at the end of a broom or a mop. Don’t forget to change the bedroom sheets as well.

Disinfecting Your Countertops

Get through the house and work on the hard surfaces, such as appliances, countertops, light switches, doorknobs and more. Disinfecting those surfaces, especially ones where human hands spend time. You can make a nontoxic disinfection solution with a simple recipe. Mix a fourth or half a cup of white vinegar and a cup of water. The result will give you a chance to chase away the bacteria on your home’s surfaces.

Work on the Sinks, Toilets and Tubs

Spray cleaners on the kitchen sink, toilets and bathtubs, then let it sit there for a few minutes. This should give it a chance to dissolve the stains and dirt. Scrubbing them will be easier with a bit of a head start. The toilets should be left for last.


Sweeping and Mopping

The kitchen and bathroom floors should be left for last as well. Mop from the farthest corners of your room and move toward the doorway. That way you won’t mop yourself into a corner. Remember to rinse the mop often to keep the dirt off your floors.

Moving as You Vacuum

You don’t have to worry about covering every corner of your place as you vacuum. Keep it moving and run the vacuum on every carpeted room or other surfaces you can sweep. You don’t need to do some tasks too often, such as washing rugs, cleaning windows and waxing your furniture, so choose your cleaning battles wisely.

Wash your Cleaning Tools Often

Making sure your cleaning tools are spotless is a necessary step to an equally spotless home. Using a mop or a vacuum filled with dust particles will not only make it hard to clean, but will also prolong the amount of time you spend on cleaning.

Clean Up Together

If you focus on cleaning as a household, you will have a chance to get through all tasks lightning fast. Set up the cleaning together as a household and focus on individual tasks for everyone.

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