Carpet Cleaning PricesCarpet Cleaning Prices 

Carpet Cleaning Rates at Cleaning Agency Ltd in London, Low Cleaning Quotes

We offer qualified and affordable carpet cleaning service in all London areas.

Our carpet cleaners in London are fully insured, trained and qualified.

– Our carpet cleaning rates are one of the most reasonable and low.

– Rates do not include VAT.

– If you live in a congestion charge zone fees may apply and also parking charges, too.

Minimum Prices

Service Price
Flight of stairs £25 or 2 per step
Lounge – may depend on size £40.00
Living room £40.00
Dining room – may depend on size £40.00
Kitchen £15.00
Bedroom Single -£30.00/double-£35.00
Hallway £20.00
Landing £10.00
Bathroom £15.00
Normal size rug £30 or 3 per sq.m
Minimum price for carpet, upholstery and mattress cleaning is £75

Carpet Cleaning Service Costs

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Stairs – per flight
Lounge – may depend on size
Dining room – may depend on size
Bedroom – may depend on size
Rugs – may depend on size

* Minimum booking price – £75.00

For more information about our cleaning service contact us today on 020 3907 7260 for a free quote. Or you can book rug cleaning on-line now.