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Domestic Cleaners

Cleaning Agency Ltd gives high importance to all our clients who trusted us and shared words of positivity about our cleaning company. Thus, we wanted to ensure you will benefit from hiring our domestic cleaners in London.

As our standard operating procedure, our experts conduct thorough interview with our clients, to ensure we gain full understanding of their needs. This is also our way of finding the perfect match of house cleaners for your desired services.

All our domestic cleaners London are carefully vetted to ensure they can keep up with the company’s standards. We do thorough research on their background, past experiences and references. Furthermore, our home cleaners are fully trained to guarantee their reliability, professionalism and trustworthiness.

Our company takes full responsibility of dealing with client complaints and requests. First off, we guarantee that you won’t be dealing with any unwanted costs because Cleaning Agency Ltd is covered with full public liability insurance, as well as our home cleaners. We provide back jobs for clients who are not satisfied with our cleaner’s output.

Also, in cases when a cleaner is not available or if the client requests for a difference home maids, the company will immediately seek replacement to ensure your acquired domestic cleaning service won’t be delayed and postponed.

For more information about our cleaning company and our regular domestic cleaning services, please contact us at 020 3907 7260.