Keeping your house clean may be overwhelming if you have a busy lifestyle. You start your week with a neat and clean house, but you still need to fold the laundry by midweek. And you still have to go through a pile of mail. At the end of the week, your house looks like a disaster zone. You may wonder if there is a way to keep your home neat and clean nearby. If so, we have some tips for you.

Way to Keep Your Home Neat and Clean

Make the BedMake The Bed

First, make it a habit to make your bed first thing in the morning. This practice will give you a sense of satisfaction. Following this approach can boost your productivity, and you will do much better that day. After all, starting a day with the satisfaction that you have done something to clean your home is a stroke of genius.

Wipe Your Phone

Keep some wipes handy each time you get up in the morning. It would be best if you wiped clean your mobile phone as soon as you get up in the morning.

Go Through Your Wardrobe

You can examine your wardrobe from time to time to find out if you can sell, donate or toss away any items you don’t need anymore. Following this approach can prevent clutter and keep your house neat and clean throughout the year.

Rehang Clothes

It is better to avoid hanging your clothes, such as a sweatshirt or jeans, on a chair, especially if you can still wear them before the laundry day. So, hang them in the closet instead. If you have some items that need to be dry-cleaned, you can store them in a separate section in your class.

Have Multiple Hampers

Make sure you have multiple helpers in your house. Ideally, you should have one laundry basket per family member. You can also have an additional basket for linens. You can get a hamper with two baskets if you want to do even better.

Wash Your Laundry ASAP

It is better to wash your laundry first thing in the evening. In this case, you will have plenty of time to dry and fold. Make sure that the unfolded laundry does not end up in your bedroom. So, keep a folding area close to your dryer or washer.

Apart from this, make it a habit to fold and iron right after the drying cycle.

Clean Your ShowerClean Your Shower

You can prevent grime from building up on your shower by giving the shower a light mist of a good shower cleaner daily.

Air-Dry Your Towels

If you want to avoid washing your towels that often, make sure you air-dry your towels regularly. And hang your towels properly to dry them off. It’s better to install a hook in your bathroom to get a feel of a luxury hotel room.

Use a Laundry Hamper

Throwing your towels in the tub or floor after use is not a good idea. Instead, they should go in the hamper after use.

Declutter Your Countertops

Your mornings may be pretty busy. So, you can put your toothpaste tube or oatmeal container away at night. In other words, make it a habit to put away clutter each night before bed.

Clean Your Toilet Before Bed

Use the toilet cleaner and give your bathroom a quick scrub. It’s better to clean your toilet before you hit the bed. Afterward, you can wipe down the toilet to restore shine.

You should follow this practice every other day to keep your toilet in good shape.

Long story short, you can follow these best practices to keep your home neat and clean at all times.

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